How To Network During Your Work Commute

On your commute to work, what do you do?


Do you feed your brain with podcasts, online courses, or audiobooks? Or listen to music?


If you like to feed your brain, you’re my people, and this email is for you. Because I’ve figured out a way for you to feed your network during a commute.


How you do this is simple: You reach out and support your network. In other words, support your support system. All you need is a phone, a voice, and an ear.


This practice beats seeing your network at events 2-3 times a year and catching up. This one relationship-building hack has helped me provide support to friends, family, and business partners.


I recently drove to Arizona for business, and instead of listening to an audiobook for 3+ hours, I connected with two MDK project graduates. On each of these calls, I gave these men the business wisdom and support they needed.


Now here’s the best part.


You can easily do this with 5 minute or even 3 hour-long commutes.


Let’s say you have a quick 7-minute drive to the bank. Call your mom real quick, and check in on her. And by the time you get to the bank, you can end the call and go on about your day.


For you, it took you 7 minutes.


But for your mom, it was everything she needed to brag about you. Her friends from church will be itching with jealousy when they hear how you called her while they haven’t heard from their kids in months or years.


These are some major brownie points, fellas.


Are you starting to see how this can raise up your social capital?


Speaking of capital.


You can use these calls to talk to colleagues or business partners too. Doing this will help you stand head and shoulders above everyone else in their LinkedIn or IG dms.


They’ll see you as a real person instead of a name on a screen, which can easily sway them to refer you new business.


Supporting others during your commute is a powerful tool to keep in your back pocket. You can use it to strengthen your relationship with anyone. Remember, your network is your net worth.


So the next time you have a commute, use that time to strengthen your support system.


Talk soon,




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