How to Sell High-End Coaching Programs Through Social Media Connection

If you want to learn a faster, more efficient way of selling high-end coaching services and masterminds without old school marketing strategies and without wasting time, money, and energy, this blog is for you.

But first, let’s talk about the old way of getting people into your high-end coaching.

The old way was to first create some kind of info product or course, have people purchase it, and then slowly ascend them up to your coaching service.

Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the info method. It certainly works and is effective, however, it’s a longer and more drawn out way of doing things.

You don’t have to hold their hand and slowly warm them up to your high-end programs.

You can now get straight to the point through our good friend – social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows us to share our emotions, thoughts, and personality with people so that they can know, like, and trust you faster.

And once you’ve gotten them to fall in love with you and the value you provide, they’ll skip the info products and go straight to the top.

The only reason we sell info products is because it’s a low cost, low barrier product. Think about it, it’s way easier for people to buy a $99 course and get value from you without having to know, like, and trust you.

And then maybe, after a series of emails and webinars and autoresponders, you can ascend them into your mastermind or high-end coaching programs.

But this whole process could take two years or more. Two years! Just to get them into a live event.

Through social media, you can create such a deep and meaningful relationship with your audience that you don’t need to sell them a low barrier offer because the bond is already there.

You can position yourself as the best coach. You can share your philosophies, thoughts, testimonials with people and convert them to high-end coaching clients right off the bat.

Craig and I have a website called where we have a video of me inviting people to come to our two-day mastermind.

Before I even drive people to that website, it’s easy for me to start the dialogue on a, say, Instagram story where I talk about the value of creating an info product, the value of creating an online business, etc.

I’ll create these educational videos, and at the end I set up a call to action saying “Hey if you liked the information I shared, and you’d like to get on a call with me to see if working with Craig and I would be a good fit, swipe up!”

The more videos and content on the same topic that you can deliver over and over, you can ultimately give a call to action to move them to your page.

The way I look at social media is this: it’s a cocktail party at your house with all these guests who don’t know you yet. By the end of the night, they know who you are, what your superpower is, and how you can help them.

We no longer have to ascend them up through info products. Once I get them on the phone, we bridge the gap to where they are in life and where they want to be. The I invite them to sit in on the mastermind, and make payment at that point.

Element of Social Proof

One of Craig’s most popular posts on social media when he’s building his coaching program is when he posts a picture with the people at his most recent workshop.

At the end of the day, you have to remember one factor: the purpose of every Instagram post is to get people to know, like, and trust you. And also to get them curious about how you can help them.

Craig has an interesting philosophy about social media interaction. The way he sees it, anyone who likes and comments on his pictures is asking for more information.

So as soon as he gets that notification, he sends them a direct message inviting them to come to his next workshop.

He gets the conversation going, answering their questions, and getting them on board to attend his workshop.

This strategy is part of what he calls the Honey Trap Method. You’re drawing people in with value, and delivering the goods to solve their problem.

That social proof is so powerful, and Instagram let’s you share how great your programs are and much people love them.                               

Start the Conversation

Starting the conversation is the new way of marketing.

When you message someone inviting them to join your workshop or mastermind, you’re creating a personal connection with that person, and letting them know that you’re there to help them.

It’s like when you’re at that party and people are leaning in, eager to listen. People who are “liking” and loving your posts are those people at the party leaning in saying “tell me more! Tell me more!”

At that point, it’s not marketing anymore. It’s having a conversation.

If you have any kind of high-end coaching, you can make a video teaching on one specific topic in your zone of genius.

You can then give your call to action, and invite your audience to send you a message so that you can provide that immediate value and move them to the application process for your coaching program.

People get excited when you give them that personal attention, don’t underestimate the power of reaching out.

There’s no need anymore to sell an info product in steps, you can go directly to your top coaching programs and masterminds just by connecting with people on a personal level and providing value. 

To watch Craig and I cover all of this and more, check out our podcast here!