How To Stop Failing And Start Winning

I was taught a great lesson in failure at the recent MDK Project class.

During hour 49 of 75 hours one of the candidates was starting to eye the bell, we’ll call him Tony.

In case you don’t know, our lead instructor for the MDK Project is Ray Care, a former Navy SEAL.

So naturally as you might imagine he constructed the 75 hour experience similar to the SEAL training they get where if you decide to quit, you have to ring the bell.

As candidate Tony was looking at the bell, instructure Ray asked him if he was ready to quit.

He said “no”… but I don’t want to fail.

And that’s the thing about failure… it’s NOT something that happens to you.

99% of the time, failure is actually quitting.

We quit too soon,

We quit when times get hard,

We quit when our plate gets too full,

We quit when it hurts,

We quit when adversity hits…

There’s a precursor to quitting. Before you quit anything you first start a negative conversation with yourself.

This negative conversation does a damn good job of justifying why you should quit.

If you choose to let the conversation continue then you’re going to quit, but you’ll tell everyone around you that you somehow failed.

But if you can catch the negative conversation before it takes hold then you can stop it and reverse it.

That’s what the Project is designed to do for you, to teach you how to STOP the negative conversations that lead to quitting and help you give voice to your inner savage.

We expose you to yourself and help you discover that ringing that f#@king bell ife should not even be an option.

How many of the little actions in your day are unknowingly associated with failure that’s a byproduct of negative self talk that leads to quitting?

You make promises, you keep them.

How many thoughts, actions, habits are in our control that influence winning?

Kill that negative voice in your head and cut the self-sabotage – it really is that simple.

It’s not easy, but it is simple.

Walk, talk, eat, think, serve like a F-ing savage!

And when you come out to experience the MDK Project for yourself, do NOT look at the bell…

…not even a glance!

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Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class,