How to Take Your Empire From 2X to 10X

The immigrant edge mentality isn’t only gifted to people who come from a third world country.

It’s about being resilient, getting resourceful, and having a “never quit” attitude.

I see it as my job to teach you the immigrant edge mentality, and help you reach 10x levels instead of 2x levels.

How I Realized I Needed to 10x My Thinking

Years ago, I was working as a one-on-one personal trainer in a big box gym.

I thought that if I could own just one gym, I’d be set. I’d make a quarter million of a year, and that’s fine and dandy.

Then I opened 5 gyms, and I thought “Okay, now I’m set. I’m making 7 figures a year.”

When you put things in perspective, making just over a million a year isn’t much once you factor in taxes and employee paychecks.

So I went into coaching and consulting, and I started making 3, 4 million.

Around 2008, when the economy went down the toilet, I realized I wasn’t prepared for an economic crash.

I saw friends and family around me losing their homes, and I couldn’t help them. I only had enough money to help myself.

That’s when I decided if I want to help people the way I say I do, I have to 10X, 50X, 100X. And Fit Body Boot Camp was born from this idea.

This idea to build an international franchise that serves tens of millions of people with their fitness goals. And, it allows me to make 20, 30, 100 million dollars a year to really do the service I want.

You Have to Think Bigger

If you’re happy making half a million, a million a year then guess what? You’re not thinking like an empire builder.

Stop thinking with today’s mindset, and start thinking about tomorrow’s mindset.

Tomorrow being 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now.

Is there another economic crash? Is there gonna be a shift in your industry? Are your parents getting older and need medical assistance? Are you sending your kids to college?

Start thinking about your future circumstances, even though most people don’t want to think about the shit that’s gonna happen.

But you have to think bigger than your lifestyle today so that you can provide during those hard times, while making a bigger impact.

Cut Out the Mundane and Focus on Your 5%

Get rid of those little things you can outsource and pay someone  $20 an hour or less to do.

You don’t have to pick up your dry cleaning. You don’t have to go grocery shopping. You can pay someone to do that shit for you.

A lot of young entrepreneurs out there reading this may be thinking “I can’t get a chauffeur yet, I can’t have someone do my shopping yet. I can’t afford it.”

What you can do right now is start taking inventory. Because your income will keep going up, and you’ll reach a new level.

Every time your income goes up, figure out how you can escape the trivial stuff so you can focus on the big things that move the needle.

Lead Larger

When we go and become entrepreneurs with the LLC or CEO title, we get really excited. We think that automatically makes us the leader.

Let me tell you right now, being the CEO doesn’t make you a leader yet.

You’re just a boss at this point.

What makes you a leader is how you empower your team members, and eliminate the employees.

Employees clock in a little late, clock out a little early, and do the bare minimum to keep their job.

Team members share your vision, they’re on board with your mission, and they have a common goal to win.

An effective leader has to be very clear on their vision, and the path to get there.

You have to be decisive, and communicate clearly, openly, and honestly.

As a leader, your job is to put people on the right path and in an environment where they will flourish.

If you don’t trust your team members it’s because you haven’t empowered them.

Rebound Higher and Have “Bounce Back-Ability”

10Xers rebound higher.

We all stumble and fall, but empire builders hit the ground and bounce back up like rubber.

You have to develop what I call “bounce back-ability”. You’re going to deal with challenges, set backs, and pit falls in your business.

Imagine yourself as rubber, and every time you hit the floor, you bounce back even higher.

If you can do that, you’ll thrive and flourish faster than your competition.

Inspire Greater, Give Back, and Pay it Forward

When you do good things for others, call it law of attraction or Karma or whatever, you get good things back.

The more you give, and the more gratitude you show, the more love you get back. And people will want to help you when you need it.

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