How Vince Del Monte Created a Six-Figure Mastermind

Today, I want to share with you a case study of an entrepreneur who found huge success in my Empire Mastermind group. If you’ve ever spent any time in the bodybuilding world, you’ve probably heard of him: Vince Del Monte.

Today, Vince has a six-figure generating mastermind group that is still growing rapidly, and he’s making more money than ever before by working smarter, not harder.

Pay close attention here, because you can apply these principles to your own life and business right now, even if you’re just starting out and you can’t afford the Empire Mastermind yet.

Vince 1.0

When Craig Ballantyne and I first started working with Vince, he wasn’t a bad entrepreneur. He was a smart, hard-working dude who clearly had a lot of potential. He was passionate about bodybuilding and he had a talent for mentoring others in that world.

The only problem was that he kept getting visits from the Idea Fairy. Instead of focusing on the two or three things that really worked in his business, he kept running off to try out new things.

At one point he had some “marketing expert” sell him on a twelve-way split test. Twelve?! How are you supposed to learn anything from that? The whole point of split testing is to try to beat the control and understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you have twelve different versions of your ad, it’s just a huge guessing game.

We even asked Vince if this twelve-way split test was making him any more money and he said no. He just thought it sounded impressive.

Now look, one of Vince’s greatest strengths is that he’s an optimist and he’s open to new ideas. That’s not the issue here. If you enjoy experimenting with new ideas, that’s a good thing too.

However, you have to develop the discipline to measure what you implement, see what creates the best results, and then ruthlessly cut out everything else.

How Vince Upgraded

I had a phone call with Vince and we looked all the different projects he had going on or that he was daydreaming about. Then I asked him a very simple question:

“Out of everything you have going on here, what’s the lowest hanging fruit? What will give you the most income and create the biggest impact?”

After going down the list, we discovered that Vince could make the most money and impact by creating his own mastermind group. In fact, I told him he could charge $1,500 a month from 50 guys in muscle building and create a six-figure business very quickly.

By the way, I should mention here that this conversation happened BEFORE Vince had payed me to join the Empire Mastermind. I was already giving him this solid-gold info and strategy and I probably should’ve been charging him already.

Instead, I took it once step further. I wanted to give him “results in advance” so that when he joined the Empire Mastermind it would be his decision, not just mine. So, I told him exactly when and how to pitch his Mastermind at his next live workshop, then I role-played the entire pitch with him there on the phone.

Sure enough, Vince went and closed 80% of the people in the room on his Mastermind and immediately established a massive new income stream.

And by the way, when you use my formula, Mastermind groups produce 80-90% profits for about 9 months out of the year. The only time that dips down slightly is when you host your live workshops and put on a big show.

Can you see the big lesson here? Would you like to hear more about Vince’s success story? Then click here to watch the latest episode of the Empire Podcast Show!