Huge News + A Free Ticket To BK LIVE 2024


Thank you so much to everyone who attended Bedros Keuilian LIVE 2023!

I can’t think of another event I’ve attended or hosted in the last 13 years that has had so many transformational stories.

So many individuals came up to me and shared their breakthroughs and insights.

I’m f@cking rooting for all your success. 

Because BK LIVE 2023 was such a hit I want to show you how you can get a FREE ticket to BK LIVE 2024.

So now I have huge news for you…

If you follow me you know these 3 things: 

  1. I charge $100,000 to work with me
  2. I’m very selective on the people I work with (hence the wait list)
  3. My clients range from Pro Athletes to Special Ops to Billionaires

Because of this, working with me isn’t affordable to most people.

This is why they believe group coaching from other people will get them close to working with me.

So together, we can take their income and impact to the next level.

But oftentimes that doesn’t work out for them because most group coaching programs lack personal connection with mentors, offer little to no real value, and have a nonexistent sense of community.

This is why my inbox and DMs are filled with requests to make working with me more affordable.

So after years of high demand, I want to introduce you to…

The Legacy Tribe

The Legacy Tribe is all about creating a community where we have a two-way conversation with a badass $200M/year entrepreneur, former Navy SEAL, and Fortune 500 CEO (yeah, we don’t mess around here!).

This high-level coaching program is unlike anything I’ve ever done (or seen) before.

The Legacy Tribe is the closest thing to attending an Ivy League ONLY for entrepreneurs & future leaders while getting your PhD in self-mastery.

We’ll be showing everything – and we mean everything – we’ve done to:

  • Scale any mom-and-pop shop into a multiple 8 & 9-figure international brand.
  • Shatter cycles of generational trauma so that you can break free and redefine your legacy.
  • Lead even the smallest of teams like a Fortune 500 company.

The Goal of The Legacy Tribe: Helping you unleash your potential by creating more money, greater meaning, and an impactful legacy.

Click the link to join today:

This just launched at BK LIVE yesterday and we’ve already had quite a few attendees sign up.

So I would highly recommend you join today while spots are still available.

Since it’s only $8.30/day to have a $200M/year entrepreneur, former Navy SEAL, and Fortune 500 CEO work on your personal and professional lives.

So if the website link doesn’t let you join, just know it’s because we reached max capacity. And we’ll shut down the doors to this program for the foreseeable future.

But if it hasn’t filled up yet, the price will go up after September 16, 2023. 

So secure your spot today.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the Legacy Tribe,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Before I forget – anyone who signs up this week isn’t just joining the Legacy Tribe

You’re also getting free tickets to BK LIVE 2024, along with some killer bonuses that you won’t want to miss.

Check out all the bonuses by clicking here.

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