I Guarantee Depression And Anxiety If You..

If you want to feel depressed and anxious, follow this roadmap:

– Don’t exercise.

– Drink booze to escape your problems.

– Eat high sugar, high-fat foods that are void of nutrients.

– Stay isolated.

– Ignore and avoid people who want to help you.

– Avoid the outdoors and sunlight

– Spend money on things you don’t need and can’t afford.

– Don’t explore your calling or purpose.

– Screen suck on social media all day.

If you follow this roadmap to the “T” I guarantee you’ll be depressed and anxious

Why am I so confident you will be? It’s because I used to follow this roadmap, and it f*cking sucked lol.

White-knuckling it through life and suffering in silence will put you on the fast track to having a miserable life and a negative mindset. Which is dangerous because this is the recipe for self-harm or even suicide — especially in men. 

For men, the suicide rate is 3.7x higher than for women. It’s tragic. And the idea of “offing” oneself creeps in when depression and anxiety run your life.

To break away from depression, anxiety and find happiness, follow this roadmap instead:

– Exercise daily.

– Eat clean.

– Get outside daily.

– Get natural sunlight.

– Connect with people.

– Get consistent sleep.

– MASSIVELY limit social media.

– Explore your passion and develop your purpose.


If you’re feeling down and out and struggling with anxiety or depression, I hope this roadmap provides some guidance for you. 

It can be tough to break away from the downward spiral, BUT it’s possible. And it starts with making a few small changes in your daily routine. 

I encourage you to try out these tips – and see how they make you feel. 

There isn’t one right answer for everyone when it comes to happiness. 

But by exploring your passions and developing a sense of purpose in life, you can find contentment – even when things get tough.

Wish you all the best,



P.S. Need help exploring your passion and developing your purpose? Watch this.