If You Want to Win In Business, Focus On Quality

Do you care about the quality of your product or service?

I know the obvious answer is YES, but I’m going to challenge you today to see if quality actually matters to you.

I realized something about a decade ago that is literally the kiss of death for most businesses.

See, I coach and consult a LOT of entrepreneurs across a bunch of different industries so I get to see this big mistake that business owners are making all the time.

With my coaching clients this is the first thing I fix so that they can get on track to faster growth and even bigger profitability.

Because without profitability and business is not serving its purpose.


99% of business owners don’t focus on the quality of their product or service.

Think about it and be brutally honest with yourself for a moment. Is your product or service quality?

You might answer YES and say that it’s just as good as the competitors.

My challenge to you is this:

Is that good enough?

If you’re not known as the top provider of the product or service that you sell then you’re not focused on quality enough…

…and this is why you find yourself always marketing to get new leads and customers.

And you find yourself always competing on price against the other guys.

See, when the quality of your product or service does not stand head and shoulders above all the competitors then you become a commodity where people will shop you based on price and convenience versus quality.

Listen, the last thing you want to do is compete on price. NO ONE HAS EVER WON THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

If you want to build a business that crushes then go back to the drawing board and focus on quality.

Quality in every step of the process.

Quality is the sales process.

Quality is the support.

Quality of the product or service.

Quality on every level.

The kind of quality that makes the customer fall back in their chair and want to share your product and business with others.

When you become the known ‘thing” with the highest quality in product, service, support and sales then you DOMINATE the space.

Two such brands that deliver quality from the buying experience to the product being received and used are TruLean Supplements and Few Will Hunt apparel.

TruLean is my supplement brand.

Sure, I could have “white labeled” some popular supplement line and sold it. That would have been easier, but it would not have improved the quality.

So we formulated TruLean from the ground up with whey from grass fed cows, no hormones, nothing genetically modified and no artificial sweeteners.

Everything we put into TruLean products are natural and clean.


Then we focused on the flavor profile of our supplements. It had to be delicious and tasty.

After 31 attempts we nailed the flavor profiles.


Finally we wanted the customer buying experience to be quality so we spent a ton of time and effort in making our site easy and intuitive to navigate and we made delivery fast and convenient.


That’s how you stand out, get raving reviews, build a tribe like following and grow super fast!

That’s the point of this message…

The market space is crowded and if you want to stand out and grow then you’ve got to focus on quality on every level!

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. Check out TruLean if you use supplements and want the highest quality and best tasting product on the market. And check out Few Will Hunt if you believe in the idea that hard work trumps all. It’s a brand I’ve recently fallen in love with and wear all the time.