I’m Not Your Daddy, But Here’s Some Fatherly Advice

My DM’s are constantly flooded with men wanting me to be their “daddy”.

(And I’m not talking about the “daddy” that some you freaks want me to be lol.)

By “daddy” I mean they put me on a f#cking pedestal.

You see, they’re always asking me for specific advice: 

  • Free business advice
  • Help to fix their marriage
  • Or help them take responsibility so they can fix their life 

I often respond to these men because I truly want every single one of them to succeed. 

Now while I’m NOT here to be anyone’s “daddy”, I want to give you some “fatherly” advice.

So here’s my “fatherly” advice for you:

Never hold anyone on a pedestal because you think they have the answers to change your life. 

There’s only one person you should place on a pedestal. Only one person you should be looking to to help fix your life.

And that person is YOU.​ ​Your 2.0 Self.

You see, the highest version of yourself has all the answers you’re looking for.

But everyone thinks that the keys to solving their problems are found either within gooroos, books, or vices. 

The reality is the keys to solving your problems are found by looking within yourself. 

I share this with you because I don’t want you to be like everyone else.

Your 2.0 Self is the key to solving all of your problems.

But in order to unlock this power you need to be willing to do the deep work. 

Now the easiest way that I’ve found to do this is to get physically jacked and mentally fit.

And when you can get physically jacked and mentally fit you’ll have the confidence to overcome any problems or struggles that life throws at you. 

The sooner you can do this the sooner you can start to unlock your 2.0 Self and create any type of future you desire.

One that doesn’t involve placing some dude on the internet on YOUR pedestal.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. One last piece of “fatherly” advice, if you’re looking to build your confidence by getting physically jacked and mentally fit then I highly encourage you to check out The Agoge. 

In 90 days, they’ll have you on your own pedestal ready to unlock your 2.0 Self.

I actually break down how The Agoge works in this video here.

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