It’s Perfectly Okay To Out-Grow People

If you feel guilty about outgrowing relationships, this story is for you.

Many years ago I got some advice from a fisherman about life that changed how to manage my relationships. 

It was a sunny Sunday, and my wife, Diana, and I were walking on the beach headed to the pier to watch the sunset together.

As we looked for a spot to enjoy the sunset, I noticed a man with a white 5 gallon bucket with a crab claw sticking out.

I told the fisherman, “Hey, your crab is about to make a run for it.”

Without a moment of hesitation, he said, “The other crabs won’t let him do it.”

He was right.

I saw this ambitious crab get pulled back into the bottom of the bucket.

Shocked, I asked him how he knew that would happen.

He said, “Well if I had one crab in the bucket, he would climb out and escape. But because I have a few other crabs in there, when one tries to escape, the others pull him back in.”

I share this with you because maybe right now, you’re trying to reach a new level of personal and professional growth but can’t because you feel like you’re being pulled down.

Do you get what I’m saying?

If you’re trying to grow in your health, wealth, and relationships and have another person there acting like a crab in a bucket, do you think you’ll reach that new level of growth? 


This is why I tell my private coaching to never feel bad for outgrowing people who had the same opportunity to grow as you did.

Understand this.


Some people don’t want to grow.

They’re comfortable with being stagnant. 

They’re good with mediocrity. 

And they cower in fear when it comes to trying something new because they hate change. 

But you and I are different man! 

As entrepreneurs, we’re meant to grow and evolve. 

Not stay stuck, comfortable and complacent. 

This is why you and I shouldn’t feel guilty about outgrowing a relationship.

We must grow to feel happy and fulfilled and to reach that next level of life. 

So if you’re feeling guilty about outgrowing a relationship, don’t. 

I’ve found that when I spend less time with the people who I have out-grown, I meet new people who come into my life and help me rise up to the next level.

You are the CEO of your life. You have the ability to fire anyone who doesn’t belong in your life anymore. 

Talk soon,



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