Jesus, The Greatest Marketer Of All Time

No one likes to be marketed to, but everyone likes to buy new stuff. 

If you say you’re a marketer, you might as well say you’re a politician. It’s not a “noble” profession in some circles.

Yet big tech companies like Apple have entire departments dedicated to one thing, marketing – because they know that marketing leads to sales and sales is how you print money. 

But not all marketing is the same. There’s the greasy marketing tactics that you’ll see that stand the hair on the back of your neck. And then there’s the cleaver marketing that makes you want to go buy the product or service. 

So today, I’ll show you how to market to people in a very cool way so they don’t know they’re being sold and instead feel like they’re making the buying decision. 

It’s called storytelling.

Everybody loves a good story. For example, look at the Bible. 

It’s a book that’s made up of stories. Because of this, it’s the best-selling book of all time (over 5 billion copies).

Jesus knows how to market! 

Anyway – My good friend, Frank Kern (the godfather of internet marketing), is a master at storytelling. This is why he’s one of the best marketers on the planet that seems to make more money with every new IOS update. If you run ads, you know this is no small feat.

Frank uses a 3-step framework to tell his stories, and the Bible loosely follows this framework too.

It’s point, story, metaphor.

The stories you tell don’t have to have to be anything fancy or Biblical.

They can be about your dog.

Let me give you a quick example of how this framework works using my dog Cookie to talk about personal development for men.

Point: Men need a purpose or they’ll sabotage their lives.

Story: When I first got Cookie, her dog trainer said she needed a sense of purpose, or she’d create one for herself. Her trainer then said, “If I don’t give her a purpose, she’ll give herself one by digging holes in your beautiful backyard.” Hearing this, I gave Cookie a purpose. Her purpose is to bring the ball back to me when we play fetch and to protect the home. Since she’s had this purpose, she’s been an amazing dog that doesn’t dig holes in my backyard.

Metaphor: I share this with you because men who don’t have a sense of purpose will begin to dig holes in their own lives and erode into depression, anxiety and addictions. 

BOOM! That’s how easy it is to execute this framework to the “T.” And it’s how you can market to people without them hating your guts.

When people know they’re getting marketed to, they tighten their grip on their wallets. But when you can market through storytelling then you never have to sell because people will naturally want to buy. 

So if you want to spread your message, impact people’s lives, and make enough dough to donate to the causes you want to support and win your financial freedom, then tell better stories.

Speaking of which… 

Do you know why I started the Modern Day Knight Project? 

Most people think it’s to help create alpha males. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the MDK Project was developed to help high performing men break through limiting beliefs, get unstuck in business and in life and start healing the wounds caused by trauma. 

If you want the whole story of how the Modern Day Knight Project came to be then check this out. 

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian