My Best Investments For Passive Income

I hear this question a LOT from people who follow me on social media…

“What’s the best investment?”

Look I know what y’all want to know when you ask what the best investment is.

You want to know how I invest my money and make it grow, right?

I’ll tell you.

But first, I’m going to tell you the BEST investment you can ever make…


For real!

Invest in your personal growth, personal development and your health and fitness.

That’s the highest return you’ll ever receive because it will make you more disciplined, more confident and more bold in terms of investing and building wealth.

So then, how do I invest money to grow it and generate passive income with it?

1) I’ve been investing in real estate for the better part of 15 years. I started off by buying single family homes and putting in tenets in them.
The idea is simple… buy a home in a nice area where young families want to live. Then put a family in and charge them enough rent to pay my monthly mortgage and to give me additional cash-flow on top of that. Basically someone else is paying off my homes and I’m getting monthly cash flow and my home are going up in value over time and getting paid off over time.

2) I invest in business that I believe in and know that I can help scale. This is definitely NOT for everyone but if you know and understand business at a high level like I do and have a big following that you can expose to that business then this might be for you. I grow these businesses and after a few years we sell them.

3) Multi-family. A couple years ago I stopped buying single family homes and moved on to apartments. The more doors you can rent the more cash flow you can generate and the higher the property value will go over time. Real estate will always be the #1 investment for me because the earth’s population continues to grow and they aren’t making any more earth. So it makes sense to invest in housing because everyone needs a place to live.

4) I also invest in crypto. Now for me, I invest what I’m willing to lose. Also, I don’t invest in the smaller higher risk coins. For me it’s a 70/30 split between Bitcoin and Ethereum and that’s how I like it. Doesn’t matter if it goes up or down I consistently invest in crypto because I see it as a long term play and I feel the world economy will ultimately go this way in the next decade.

I’m not into any of these high risk day trading things that stress people out and keep them glued to their phone. I think that’s just dumb and too high risk.

I’m a believer in wealth creation and that happens over time and with making the right moves WITHOUT tapping into your greed glands and getting stupid.

In fact I’m not the only one creating wealth this way. I teach this to many of my coaching clients too and they’ve created amazing wealth for themselves by making smart investments.

One client of mine who’s also become a friend is Tony Stephan and this guy is only 32 years old and has built up a multiple 7 figure investment portfolio. He’s a great example of how you can make smart investments and in just a few short years win your financial freedom.

Tony just put out a book entitled The New Rules Of Financial Freedom and you can get it here on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

This book is going to be a game changer for anyone who reads it and wants real financial freedom!


Bedros Keuilian

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