My favorite quotes of all time!

I’m a quote kind of guy. And down below are my 3 favorite quotes of all time!
A good quote will inspire me, speak to me and move me toward my goals even faster.
Not sure if you can relate… but I imagine you can.
Up until recently my two favorite quotes of all time were…
1)  “How you do anything is how you do everything.”
So much truth in that one above, right?
2) “Circumstance does not change responsibility.”
Yet, another favorite one of mine. In other words… make no excuses.
Well, recently I discovered another quote from an apparel brand.
Truth be told, they’re more than an apparel brand… they’re a movement.
Before I tell you this new quote, let me first tell you how I discovered them because it’s a great business and marketing lesson for us all.
About a year ago I was sent two shirts in the mail as a gift from one of the founders of Few Will Hunt.
As soon as I looked at the shirts and read the slogan I was like: “F#@K yeah, they know what’s up!”
They had me hook, line and sinker. Since then I’ve bought a bunch of their apparel for myself and my son.
The slogan was dope. It spoke to me.
The shirts were top quality. Like the kind I would wear on stage when I’m speaking and also on my podcast show.
The designs were killer, too.
What a clever marketing strategy, right?
They know how I’m all about doing the hard work.
They know I’m the perfect avatar for them.
They know I’m all about high quality.
So they sent me a couple shirts and got me hooked! And now here I am telling you all about them lol
If you’re the gritty “Get Sh!it Done” kind of person then you’d probably love their designs.
And this is their slogan and now one of my top 3 favorite quotes…
If you get it then you get it!
And check this out…
The two guys that started the Few Will Hunt movement are two cousins from Philly who both have day jobs and started this brand because they are gritty and love doing the hard work.
I love what they stand for!
I love how they show up.
And I love how they are willing to DO THE DAMN WORK.
If that quote spoke to you like it did me then click here and check out their merch.
Talk soon,
Bedros Keuilian