Episode 143

Take Extreme Ownership, with Chris Cavallini

On this episode of Inside Look, good friend and CEO of nutrition solutions, Chris Cavallini, stops by to tell us about his abnormal upbringing and how he turned his life around to create one of the fastest growing meal prep companies in the world. Chris’ story is nothing short of inspiring and if someone like him can be an entrepreneur and thrive in these times, so can you!

“Adversity is necessary for optimal human development.”
“The best thing that we can do to motivate ourselves to take action, is to simply think about what’s going to happen if we don’t take that action.”
“That didn’t dictate my present or my future unless I allowed it to.”
“Problems give you purpose.”

– Chris Cavallini

Here’s what you’ll discover:
06:48 – You need to change your mindset in order to succeed
13:10 – Killing the human animal to be reborn again
15:36 – Where to find the motivation to take action
19:15 – How taking extreme ownership of your actions can propel you forward in life
23:15 – The day that changed Chris’ Life forever
31:05 – Why Chris chose to form a meal prep business
36:39 – Problems don’t mean you’re doing something wrong
42:40 – Why educating your team is the best thing to do for your company

“Every sacrifice will be rewarded and every debt will be paid.”
“Stay on offense.”

– Bedros Keuilian

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