181. Breaking Barriers Through Adversity

In today’s Inside Look episode, Bedros speaks with Steve Eckert, a US Marine, entrepreneur, husband, father, and instructor for The Project.

The Project is a 75-hour self-development program for men who want to break through their limiting beliefs and level up in four critical areas of life: Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finance. 

As an instructor, it’s Steve’s responsibility to help unleash the beast inside of you and unlock your greatest potential. 

Bedros gets to the heart of what drives Steve, why so many men these days seem to be anxious and depressed, why doing “hard shit” is necessary for personal growth, the impact of your circle of influence, what it means to be a role model father, and so much more.


“The human body can take a f**king lot. It’s all in your head. The physical part is easy. It’s the mental and emotional side that’s tough. In order to get there, you have to breakdown physically.” 

-Steve Eckert


Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

1:46 Why men must do “hard shit” to have a breakthrough and how social pressure is killing masculinity. 

3:33 How the pendulum in life can swing too far to either side and create a human that’s incapable of communicating or leading 

5:40 The process you can go through to find you’re true capabilities and what we mean by “do hard shit” 

9:55 How the decision to “break the cycle of bull shit in your life” can give you and your family a life they’ve never experienced 

11:00 How adversity helps a man reach his higher-self and how our past has programmed us to see the world through a distorted lens

14:05 How Steve’s upbringing “f**ked him up” and ultimately created his superpower that accelerated his success

14:53 How manufacturing adversity in your children will help them manage real hardship as they grow older

16:05 How disassociation can serve you well in business but negatively impact you in personal relationships

20:51 The men who’ve broken their cycle of vices and the common thread that ties them all together

27:38 What to expect from The Project and how negotiating with your inner voice will determine your success

30:44 How the human spirit will reject voluntarily suffering and how grateful it is after reaching the other side

32:46 How physical adversity will push someone to be truly honest with themselves 

34:25 How men think differently than women and how compartmentalizing through hard shit can open your mind 

38:00 The Subject Matter Experts within The Project and the intensity that lives among the team

38:58 How blood isn’t necessarily thicker than water and how two unrelated people suffering together can create a bond

42:43 How being intentional in the four critical areas of life will help you create fulfillment 

45:29 The first time Steve and Bredros met at Fitness Business Summit and how laser beam focus is key to success

48:00 The importance of emotionally and physically committing 100% to whatever work-life mix you’re on

48:59 What it means to both Bedros and Steve to be a role model father

55:39 How a circle of influence should hold you to a higher standard and how to build a new tribe


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