Episode 154

Creating Income in the New Economy

If you haven’t noticed , The pandemic has certainly had a massive impact on the economy. Dwelling and reacting will not allow us to thrive in the economy that we are in now. So how do you choose to respond from here ? On today’s episode, Craig and Bedros do a deep dive into how to continue making money – or even expand – in your business . Enjoy!

“If people tell you that they can’t afford you, that does not mean they don’t have the money, they just don’t want to part way with it yet..”
“Be a problem solver and from there you can monetize”
“Have more poles in the water that increase the odds of catching more fish”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
3:00 – The definition of the Hybrid Business model
10:25 – Bedros shares his personal example of how he pivoted his businesses
14:15 – The two acronyms that can radically get you to another level of business performance
16:00 – Craig’s strategy when he pivoted his business model
28:00 – The confidence , competency loop

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