Episode 155

EMPIRE : Jon and Pete Najaran

There are a lot of ways to generate income, so much so that a lot of them fly under the mainstream radar. One of those methods that goes unnoticed is trading what is known as “options”. In Today’s podcast, Bedros connects with Former NFL players turned Money masters who share the world of trading options in the simplest way possible. Enjoy !

“If you win the morning , you win the day. If you win the day , you win the week.”
“Dominate the thing you hate most first and the rest will be easy”
“The ability to take something complex and dilute into a simple concept is a gift”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
3:00 – The definition of the Hybrid Business model
7:30 – The Options for Trading
15:00 – Why Options are so Powerful
26:00 – Why You Do the Hard Stuff First
35:00 – Warren Buffett’s Genius explained

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