Episode 109

Manny Khoshbin: Curiosity Will Bring Prosperity

In this episode of Inside Look, Manny Khoshbin lets us in on his roller coaster of a life. Manny went back and forth from being broke to having money, more than just a couple of times before he finally found his footing in real estate. We also get to hear about Manny turning his passion for cars into unique investments!

“Success leaves clues.”
“The best entrepreneurs I know, have been curious.”
“Most of you are going into debt to keep up with your neighbors.”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
07:33 – How modeling the success of others can give you a head start in life
18:32 – Curiosity will keep you striving for more
23:27 – Why Manny refused to file bankruptcy
30:31 – Another recession is on the way
32:07 – The art of car collecting
39:30 – Without purpose, your life is empty
40:57 – Working out is just as much for your mind as it is for your body

“I was curious to make money.”
“I was always looking around to see who was doing good.”
“If you file bankruptcy, you’re dead.”

– Manny Khoshbin

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