Episode 157

7-Figure Mindset

You can’t have a 7 figure income on a 5 figure lifestyle. Today you’ll discover what habits you’ll need to eliminate and what habits you’ll need to develop on your path to becoming a successful 7 figure earner. You’ll learn how to make success easier for yourself over time as you remain committed and consistent in implementing 7 figure daily habits into your life.

7 figure income people have the mindset, you know what might not be great at that now but I’m going to go out and become great at that”

– Craig Ballantyne

Here’s what you’ll discover:
3:57 – Take control of your snoozing, you only have to suffer for 2 -3 mins and you WIN THE DAY
5:35 – Take control of your scrolling Don’t scroll in the a.m. stay off addictive social medial
8:39 – Be on time always – show up early
11:05 – No more procrastination – Andrew Carnagie pays $25,000 to learn one technique
14:25 – stop letting garbage into your mind – cut t.v out by 50%
17:15 – Put structures and systems in place to help you get more done
18:45 – Success loves speed and delay kills dreams. Take massive daily action


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