Episode 158

Control Your Time

It’s time to level up and learn from Craig Ballantyne how to control your time like an Empire Builder. Time is truly your single greatest asset as a leader and entrepreneur, and you can never get one second of it back. Learn how to control your time with fun, practical yet powerful lifestyle hacks so that you create the lifestyle you want and deserve.

“Stop letting other people dictate your life and take your time, because if they do that you’ll never have the impact, income and lifestyle you want”

– Craig Ballantyne

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:43 – Start a simple time journal. Write down what time you get up at and every 20 minutes write down what you were doing and how you felt.
4:40 – Find your OCD loops and discover what activities you do repeatedly? Learn how to eliminate bad habits.
6:07 – Discover your magic time and protect it. This is when you’re most creative, energetic, productive, get more done in 90 minutes than you do in the rest of your afternoon.
7:59 Learn your hourly worth and how to calculate it.
11:47 – Identify your not to-do list. This list includes never hitting the snooze button, mindlessly scrolling social media, don’t check your email until after 10, don’t bing watch Netflix, ect.
13:42 Book recommendation – Why We Sleep by Dr. Mathew Walker. This book will help you unleash a whole new level of energy so that you can attack your days.
14:15 – Ask the BIG 4 questions every 90 days. What do you hate doing in your business? What should you stop doing? What is not your job? What is your distraction?


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