Episode 171

Showing Up As A Leader In A Crisis

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Discover what type of leadership skills and mindset you need to have in order to show up as a leader and grow your impact and business during difficult times.

    04:35 – Discover what B says is the very first thing a leader shows up with during times of crisis.
    09:10 – Next, hear what is the second necessity a leader must show up with during times of crisis.
    11:09 – The difference in mindset between winners and loser.
    12:29 – Hear the mindset required to remain relentless when adversity has shown up.
    15:14 – Exercise, stimulation and how it scientifically leads to better thinking and problem solving.
    22:42 – Ryan shares his biggest marketing, leadership and business take away from growing his business through difficult times.
    23:50 – The right mindset young entrepreneurs need to have in order to succeed in leadership and growth in times of crisis.

“Leadership will determine the level of growth of your businesses. If you are not there to show up as a leader, then no one else is going to show up for you, and especially in a time of crisis”

– Bedros Keuilian

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