Episode 31

The Greatest Lessons From Our Fathers

They say the best lessons in life can’t be taught in a classroom, and they were right. In today’s podcast, Craig and Bedros share the greatest lessons they learned from their crazy fathers. They weren’t crazy by text book definition, they were crazy because they dared to take risks in order to succeed. And now, Craig and Bedros have taken those lessons and used them to build their empires.

“I’m really grateful for the things he did give me, and the things I didn’t get I’m going to use as lessons to apply to my relationship with my kids.”

– Bedros

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:16 – Why work is holy and drives our purpose forward.
3:45 – How Craig’s life on the farm with his father taught him how to plan ahead in order to be successful.
7:50 – How Bedros’ father showed him you need to be a little bit crazy to take risks and accumulate massive wealth.
15:44 – Why the best lessons we’re taught are learned and passed down through environmental exposure.
16:20 – Why you should take the lessons you’ve learned in childhood and apply them to the relationships you have today.

“There were no excuses. You do the work, and you do the planning and preparation you have to do.”

– Craig


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