Episode 7

How To Become a Disciplined, Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Discipline is a skill that even the best of us need to continuously practice. In the case of entrepreneurs, setting a high standard for yourself is crucial if you want to grow your business. Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne, two successful entrepreneurs, talk about how disciplining yourself to pursue your vision will make all the difference between success and failure.

“The power of discipline is that you do what you must do to be in line with your vision and purpose.”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:50 How Bedros’ morning check-list routine impacts his ability to dominate the day
4:40 Why you need to keep a healthy mind and body as an entrepreneur in order to stay focused on your mission
6:50 How having high expectations of yourself will discipline you to become a great leader, and encourage your team members to strive for greatness
9:15 The truth behind how Bedros keeps his energy high during multiple daily podcasts
13:45 How practicing moderation in your personal life will create structure and freedom to do the things you enjoy

“A disciplined entrepreneur gets back on track.”

– Craig Ballantyne


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