Episode 153

Leadership is Always the Answer

In times of chaos and crisis , what is the cause for businesses shutting down or businesses pushing forward ? Though there are a number of variables at play the only area that you have complete control in is leadership. How you show up as a leader in the darkest of times will forecast the outcome of the crisis at hand. In today’s Empire Podcast, Bedros and Craig do a deep dive on their experience in chaos and the way in which they overcome the obstacles – inside and out.

“Leadership is the problem, leadership is the solution”
“During times of Chaos and Crisis , increase the communication to your team and customers .”
“Stay in the fight until you bleed out and die or turn the corner and be there to see it”
“Ask yourself with outside eyes, what would you do if this was someone you were coaching…”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:20 – Common leadership mistakes
9:08 – The systematic steps Bedros’ uses in his business in times of crisis
14:23 – How to operate as a leader in chaos
24:40 – Prioritization, the essential skill of leadership
26:45 – The Navy SEAL mentality that is a must for perseverance in business

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