Episode 178

Leading a Movement and Taking Risks

In today’s Inside Look episode, Bedros speaks with Ryan Michler, founder of the Order of Man podcast and movement that has reached millions of listeners worldwide.  

He is a husband, father, businessman, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and Author of Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men

Ryan has made it his life’s mission to help men worldwide live up to their full potential in 3 critical pillars of masculinity: Protector, Provider, and Presider. 

In this must-listen episode, Bedros gets to the core of what drives Ryan, the business behind Order of Man, his strategy for reaching millions of listeners, ways to monetize a growing podcast, and so much more. 


“The Pillars of masculinity is someone capable of protecting, providing, and presiding for themselves and the people under their care. If you’re doing that, you’re on the path of becoming a man.” 

-Ryan Michler


Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

2:05 Starting a podcast in a saturated market and how his financial background helped find his break-through-method.

6:44 The moment Ryan shifted gears from a financial advisor into podcasting full-time and the risk of walking away from residual income.

9:41 Launching the first Order of Man product and how to create a fast outcome by simplifying the speed of implementation 

13:03 The importance of authority and excelling the brand’s credibility by adding a second weekly show

15:00 Ryan’s methodology for reaching out to potential guests and his formula for releasing episodes

18:17 The importance of cutting your teeth with a B-level guest, building confidence, finding your voice, and getting into a rhythm 

19:00 The specific strategy Ryan used to grow his podcast following and build community by cross-pollinating his marketing efforts

22:26 How to position yourself to potential guests by placing yourself between their pain-points and a solution

25:00 Selling products that align with your mission to avoid being disingenuous and build confidence with apparel

26:15 Ryan’s paid-for mastermind, the Iron Council, and recommendations to start your service-based program

31:55 Ryan breaks down a real-world scenario that you can apply today and immediately add value to your clients 

37:22 Ryan’s past struggles of being a husband and father that lead to the origination of Order of Man

38:43 The importance of being hyper consistent and giving yourself time to mature as a subject matter expert 

42:41 Why men lack confidence and the ability to lead their families in today’s society 


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