Episode 202

The Personal Development You Need to Grow Your Empire

Bedros and now CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, Bryce Henson sit down to talk about personal growth and development when it comes to leading a team and building an empire.

If you’re a listener of the Empire Show or The Fitness Franchise Podcast, your aim is to grow a business, serve and lead a team to success, and make an impact on more people.. But what if we had limitations above us based on how developed we are as an individual? Listen to this podcast to find out why it’s so important to grow as an individual to grow in impact, meaning, and more profits.

“ You, the leader, are the lid to any business. “

– Bedros Keuilian


00:46 – Introduction and “The Law of The Lid”

07:03 – The meaning of “Misogi” and Suck Fest 2

10:56 – Why confidence is derived from fulfilling difficult promises

16:35 – What was the most rewarding difficult challenge Bedros put for himself?

21:58 – The overwhelming temptations of convenience and comfort 

28:41 – What’s the best thing one can take away about leadership, influence and growth through personal development?


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