Profits and Productivity

If you’re an entrepreneur and if you’re really driven to succeed then you know that these two things matter a LOT in our world.

Profits and productivity.

Profits give you the lifestyle that you want, pay for your team of employees, and allow you to donate to the causes and charities that you believe in.

Productivity helps you get the most out of life and your day to day goals.

So here’s a list of 10 things I do to increase profits and productivity in my business and life.

1) Market and sell like a pro. Not enough people focus on dialing in their marketing and sales skills at the highest level.

2) Build a great team that can help you multiply your efforts and time collapse success.

3) Dial-in your leadership so that you’re clear on your vision, goals, communication, and day to day actions.

4) Exercise your body, eat clean, and avoid sugar and alcohol and read a few pages of personal development books daily.

5) Get consistent sleep, stay well hydrated, and use supplements like this to avoid getting sick.

6) Have a strong morning routine that sets you up to win your day.

7) Don’t over-consume social media. It’s a massive time waster and killer of productivity.

8) Create multiple income streams in your space and solve other problems that your customers have.

9) Don’t waste time doing work that you can pay someone else $20/hour to do it for you. Focus your energy on the high-level work that ONLY you can do and delegate everything else.

10) Treat yourself like an athlete. Your “sport” is your business so train to be the best at it. Keep your body lean, your diet clean, your mind sharp and your immune system healthy.

Here’s what I drink twice a day to avoid getting sick so that I can be massively productive.

Talk soon,