Sell Anything You Want With These 6 Steps

Here’s the thing about sales not a lot of people know about.

When someone buys anything, whether it’s a pack of gum, coffee, or a house, they’re solving a problem. And it’s our job as influencers, entrepreneurs, and leaders to solve problems.

So in the next few moments, I’m going to show you my 6-step sales process to make the sale that you can copy and paste into your business.

The best part about being a problem solver is that the more you solve, the more money you make. 

For example, Elon Musk realized the human race can’t live on earth forever. So he’s solving the problem by going to Mars.

This will potentially solve billions of people’s problems.

This is why he’s one of the richest men on the planet (and eventually on mars too).

Look, I know you’re not sending people to Mars, yet you still need to solve problems (AKA: make sales).

So here’s my 6-step sales process you can copy and paste into your business today:

Step #1: Identify what they want. 

Step #2: Why do they want that? 

Step #3: What will be the cost of not getting this thing? (Frustration, time, and how you’re going to feel if this doesn’t happen.) 

Step #4: Agitate that cost (Step #3), stir the pot, drive the knife in deeper. 

Step #5: Overcome objections before they ever come up. (These objections are always time, money, and spouse.) 

Step #6: The Close. You’re going to ask for the sale. Set up the offer, ask for the sale, and then you shut up. 

The best part about this 6-step process is that you can do it while on the phone, zoom, or in person.

At Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC), my sales team and I follow this 6-step process to sell FBBC Franchise, which goes for $50,000 each. To date, we have grown to over 400 FBBC Franchisees.

If you can follow this 6-step process to the “T” you’ll:

  • Cash in more checks to your bank
  • Provide a better life for your family
  • And invest in future endeavors that will give you financial freedom.

Follow it, and watch what it does to your financial future.

Talk soon,


Bedros Keuilian


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