SO THAT You Can DOMINATE Your Market

I’m going to give you some killer marketing advice today SO THAT you can dominate your market and get more loyal clients than you’ve ever had before.

See what I did there? You will in a second.

A few months back I learned the “so that” trick at one of my live events (that’s right, I learn just as much as my attendees do at my events) and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

It’s a really brilliant trick, and I want to show you why.

See, I’ve told you over and over again that your job is to sell BENEFITS instead of features…but that doesn’t mean that features aren’t important.

Because really, the mistake of selling features is a common mistake for all first-time salespeople across all industries. And there’s a totally innocent reason for it.

If you truly love your industry and your service or product (WHICH YOU MUST) then you are probably obsessed with your features.

Dare I say you even nerd out about them? Maybe just a little bit?

And in some ways that’s a good thing. All great sales and marketing begins with enthusiasm, so you can use your enthusiasm for features as a starting point.


The Magic of SO THAT

The magic of the “so that” trick is that it creates a link between you and your client so that you can fill them up with your enthusiasm, turn it into THEIR enthusiasm, and have them DEMAND your services.


I’ll explain with a simple formula:

[Your Feature] + SO THAT + [Their Benefit] = Successful Sale

Wherever you are in the sales process, you should use this formula. It will work for sales copy, sales presentations, even just casual chats with strangers at the coffee shop.

It works because it gives you a chance to display your enthusiasm for the feature, while linking that to something the client can get enthusiastic about – the benefit.

Because the truth is, your clients are never going to see those features the way you do. They don’t have your specialized knowledge and experience. But if you can show them a clear benefit of each feature, they will absolutely get excited about that.

Now the truly amazing part of the “so that” trick is that, once you get good at it, you can keep chaining together more and more benefits SO THAT you can be more persuasive SO THAT you can close more clients SO THAT you can earn more freedom and abundance SO THAT you can build a long, happy life for you and your family!

See what I did there?

Putting SO THAT Into Action

I want you to start thinking about ways to use the SO THAT trick in your own work…

Start writing down your ideas, and start keeping an eye out for this trick in other people’s sales copy (I promise you I’m not the only guy using this).

And keep in mind that this trick works in pretty much any industry.

Here, I’ll give you some examples to prove it to you (none of these are direct quotes, but you can find similar things out there).

“This car comes with an A/C system that will activate before you even open the door, SO THAT you can step into a cool, comfortable ride every time!”

“This jacket has a nice, subtle earth tone to it SO THAT it will fit perfectly with any pair of pants you own!”

“I’ll walk you through this free risk appetite test SO THAT we can give you an investment plan tailor-made to keep you feeling confident and happy about your future!”

“This rifle comes with a powerful, adjustable scope SO THAT you can line up the perfect shot every single time!”

Real Estate:
“This kitchen window opens directly into the backyard barbecue SO THAT you can keep the party going indoors and outdoors at the same time!”

Now go try it out yourself: list out your 10 favorite features for your product or service and come up with a SO THAT for each one of them.

Then, take each of those sleek new sentences and figure out where you can plug them into your sales copy SO THAT you can increase your sales!


Committed to your success,