The Battle Against Ordinary, Average, And Mediocrity

No parent tells their child “I want you to grow up to be average.”

No parent wants mediocrity for their kids.

No parent wants an ordinary life for their child.

You simply don’t grow up expecting to have an average life…

Or an average school experience.

Or to get average grades.

Or to be an average athlete.

Or to have an average job.

Or to have an average marriage.

Or to be of average health.

You don’t plan on having a mediocre life, or only having mediocre significance on this planet, or only making mediocre money and staying stuck in mediocre debt.

Yet at some point you settled for ordinary.

No one plans on being ordinary, average, and mediocre. I know that was not what you planned for yourself.

Yet the law of complacency says that when you surround yourself with average people, harbor average thoughts in your mind, and settle for average results, that leads to a life of being ordinary and living a mediocre existence.

Settling and accepting mediocrity is also why people have regrets on their death bed.

I don’t want that for you.

The battle against ordinary, average, and mediocrity begins with being unreasonable and choosing to not settle for anything less than extraordinary.

We humans are capable of so much more than just average.

But in order to be extraordinary and to live a life well lived, you’ve gotta abandon your excuses, limiting beliefs, and damaging thoughts and replace them with a set of higher self-expectations.

You’ve gotta be unreasonable in your expectations, man.

Have unreasonable dreams.

Set unreasonable goals.

Take unreasonable leaps.

Have unreasonable thoughts.

And surround yourself with unreasonable people who share your unreasonable expectations and will hold you accountable to achieving your unreasonable goals.

Only then will you break out of the sea of mediocrity, the chains of being average, and a numb life of ordinary existence.

You’re meant for more, and you know it!

I believe in you!

Bedros Keuilian