The Dark Side Of Self Development

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that self-development and personal growth is a good thing and that we should all experience it. 

I think that’s been pretty well established. 

But there’s a dark side to personal and professional growth, the side where you end up screwing it all up. 

It’s something that many experience as they develop to the higher version of themselves only to fuck it all up and slide back into their old identity. 

I’ve experienced it myself so I share this from first-hand experience. 

It’s the upper limit. 

EVERYONE has an upper limit. It’s like a glass ceiling that you press up against as you develop personally and professionally. 

It’s your mental and emotional capacity in terms of growth. 

The goal is to break through that upper limiting glass ceiling, but more than not we end up pressing against this upper limit and our old identity pulls us back down to our comfort zone. 

Like I said, the upper limit is something that we all have… 

…but if we don’t navigate through it effectively we end of sabotaging ourselves and sliding back into the old version of who we are – your old identity (your comfort zone). 

In fact I see this with many of the men who first come to the MDK Project. They did the self-work, but at some point they hit the upper limit and went back to their old ways which led to more business and relationship problems. 

Here’s how the upper limit works. When you hit the upper limit, meaning when you achieve higher self-awareness, success, happiness or wealth or a deeper relationship your ego (YOUR OLD IDENTITY)  tends to bring you back down to where you’re most familiar with, in other words your comfort zone. 

This happens by giving yourself negative thoughts or doing negative behaviors that ruins what you’ve achieved – like losing all the money after winning lottery, arguing with your partner after becoming successful or thinking of negative things when you have happy thoughts because you’re just more familiar with a negative self-narrative.  

This is why I call upper limiting the KISS OF DEATH. 

How do you stop upper limiting so that you can enjoy your new level of personal and professional growth? 

You become self-ware that it’s going to happen, because it’s going to happen to all of us when we do the work and grow…

…and then you tell yourself that you’re worth it and not to f#ck it up. 

Talk soon,



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