The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Losers kick cans. Ballers stack wins.

We’re coming to the end of January and from what I can tell most men are still kicking the can down the road like losers. 

The can of success, the can of happiness, the can of fitness…

…procrastination is the death of so many dreams my friend.

Look, talk is cheap! Everyone thinks this is going to be their BIG BREAKTHROUGH year, but they keep doing the same bullsh!t things that keeps them small, broke and fat.

Here’s what I’ve learned over my 48 years of building myself up from self-sabotaging and a bunch of false starts to now living a life of true freedom, happiness and congruence with the highest version of myself…

…if you respect yourself even a little bit and you truly want to be happy, successful and a role model to your family and community then you’ve got to start the journey at the most important place and that is with your physical fitness.

I always say that fitness is the gateway drug to a better life, to more money, more freedom and a better relationship and that’s because of these three traits: Focus, Consistency and Discipline.

Focus, Consistency and Discipline are what it takes for you to make exercise and eating right a habit and that’s how you end up lean, jacked and more confident. 

And a lean, jacked and confident man gets what he wants out of life.

It’s no surprise that focus, consistency and discipline are also what you need to become successful in business and in your relationships.

But the man who lacks these three traits is doomed to be average…

…and the average man inspires no one.

So you can either keep kicking the can down the road by procrastinating and putting it off, or you can start stacking wins in life and compounding success and happiness.

It’s easy to stay a loser… 

…just do nothing, keep wasting time looking for BS motivation on social media and using vices to escape your reality.

Or you can do what winners do and commit to the ONE THING that you can control and that is your fitness and finally getting in shape, rebuilding your confidence and truly making this year your best year yet. 

Fitness Is The Gateway Drug To Success

Click the link above to get lean and jacked!

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

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