The DNA Of High Achievers

I’m grateful to get to mentor some of the most badass entrepreneurs in the world…

From New York Times best-selling authors, world champion athletes, inventors, special ops warriors, and even billionaires who prefer to stay off the radar.

Now with over a decade of coaching it’s given me a front-row seat to the REAL individuals behind these brands and businesses. 

And through that, I’ve been able to break down the DNA of patterns and traits that winners at the highest level have.

Here’s the common DNA of these high achievers:

Obsession: They’re driven by something more than money or fame. They’re obsessed with the outcome.

Resilience: No matter how often they fail or get knocked down they figure out a way to get back up.

Nonconformity: They don’t conform to normal social standards. They march to the beat of their own drum.

Resourcefulness: When they run out of resources (money, time, employees, etc.), they get creative. They find a way, no matter what.

Intensity: They’ve got a fire in their belly and a point to prove. And they won’t stop until they’ve proven it.

High Standards: They’re unreasonable in their expectations and standards. They expect more of themselves and of anyone who works for them and with them. They will push you as they push themselves and for that reason, they’re often misunderstood.

Big Thinking: They think BIG. Their goals are so huge they’re downright intimidating to the average person.

Self-Belief: They know they’re the best, and they prove it every single day by stacking undeniable wins and making zero excuses.

Self-Discipline: They have impulse control. Self-discipline runs deep in them.

Unbalanced: They don’t seek balance. They seek domination.

Routines & Habits: They have rock-solid morning routines and daily habits that damn near predict their success.

Fearless: They don’t fear failure, they fear not trying and giving it their all.

And the reality is you’re not so different from them.

In fact, you already have some of these patterns & traits within you.

And to get to the next level, you just need to add 1-2 traits on top of what you’re already doing.

Because just mastering one of these traits can add an extra zero to your monthly income.

And adding 2 or more of these traits can create several zeros to your bank account.

I share this with you because I install these traits in every one of my Domination Year Coaching Clients.

With these traits, they are able to scale up their impact and income.

Now here’s a fair warning: Once you adopt these traits you might be labeled as an outcast or a misfit to the “Average Joe”.

But that shouldn’t be anything new to you because you’ve probably experienced this already with your friends and family.

So that shouldn’t bother you any more since the average man inspires no one.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve read this far, it’s because you’re not just looking to be a high achiever, that’s already in your DNA…

You’re looking to dominate your industry

That’s exactly what I show my client how to do, and I can show you how I can do that for your business here:

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