The Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Had

From time to time we all do dumb things…

…I’ve got a laundry list of dumb things I’ve done lol

Here’s one!

Several years ago I decided that I was going to challenge myself by training for and running a full marathon in only six weeks.
Keep in mind that I had never run or jogged more than half a mile, I hated running all together, and all I did was lift heavy weights in the gym.
Total meat head… and still am.
But I knew deep down inside that I needed to do the ONE THING that I didn’t want to do and that was to run long distance and totally put myself out of my comfort zone.
Now, the dumb part of this is not that I wanted to run a marathon…
My running coach thought I was out of my mind!
But I knew that I had to do this!
It’s like I knew that doing the thing that I didn’t want to do and doing it in such a short time was going to be the key to a big life breakthrough for me.
So I hired a running coach who made me a six week training/running program and then I registered for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon which was six weeks out – 26.2 miles!
In all her wisdom my running coach suggested that I register for the half marathon that was taking place on that same day…
…but I was hell bent on doing a full marathon with only six weeks of training to prove to myself that I have the mental toughness and personal discipline to do something really hard and way out of my comfort zone.
Those six weeks were life changing for me!
In that time I developed mental toughness, personal discipline and a whole new level of self confidence!
In fact the first time I jogged 8 miles I found myself in the neighboring city of Diamond Bar.
I’d driven to Diamond Bar before… but I had never walked, jogged or run to it.
When I saw the sign that said Welcome To Diamond Bar I stopped and just started crying…
…I was overcome with so much emotion at the fact that in only 4 weeks I was able to run 8 miles and to the neighboring city.
Two weeks later I found myself at the starting line of the San Diego Marathon and when the race started I was in awe… it was like a dream or something.
I was running alongside thousands of runners and the energy was incredible!
The pride I had in myself was in-explainable.
And when I crossed the finish line some 4 and a half hours later I was once again in tears.
I had done something that I told myself that I wasn’t able to do.
I had limited myself for so many years.
And from that day on I had a new level of self-esteem and confidence.
It was like being reborn as a more confident, more capable, more mentally tough and more disciplined version of myself.
It’s crazy how we can limit ourselves in so many areas of life by telling ourselves that “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” or I’m not a runner”
You are whatever you want to be!…
…as long as you do the work required to become that person.
I want to help you become the best version of yourself by giving you my Marathon Training Program for free.
You can get it here and start training for a life changing experience!
Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian