The Greatest Gift We Can Give Our Kids

As men, we’re hardwired to be the protector and provider of our families. 

The moment a man learns he’s going to be a father, something primal kicks in.

This was something I experienced the moment my wife and I found out that we were expecting our first child.

And I knew I would stop at nothing to give my son the best life possible…even if it meant working myself into an early grave.

You see, when I talk to the dads at the Squire program, they often tell me, “I would die for my son.” And while I respect a man willing to die for his family – it’s also a dangerous thought.

Because the moment you decide to die for your child, without realizing it you start letting parts of yourself die:

  • Your dreams start to take a backseat.
  • Your pursuit of self-mastery starts to lose its importance.
  • Your commitment to staying physically fit and mentally sharp begins to fade.

When we let ourselves die to that our kids can live we’re doing ourselves and our family a huge…

So if you have kids, here’s my challenge for you…

Imagine if instead of dying for our kids, we chose to live for them:

  • To live as role models they can look up to.
  • To live as someone who has values and character.
  • To live as an example of what it means to be physically fit, mentally strong, and financially successful.

That’s why we need to focus on becoming the 2.0 versions of ourselves. 

Because the greatest gift we can give our kids is to live for them. 

To be the example they can follow. 

To be the person they can admire and aspire to be.

And if you’re looking to show your son what it means to be a man of character, health, wealth, and strength then come join me at the next Squire class.

The Squire Program is a rite of passage for sons and a bonding experience for fathers and sons. It’s all about helping our sons transition into manhood and become men of character.

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We have classes happening almost every month, but spots fill up fast, so don’t miss out.

Let’s be the best versions of ourselves. 

For us, and for them.

Much love,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Remember, the greatest legacy we can leave our children is not our possessions, but the example of our lives.

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