The Mindset of Self-Made Millionaires

You ever wonder how 7-figure masterminds think about business?

See, it takes a high-level mindset to scale your business beyond expectations. Most entrepreneurs don’t learn that mindset or are content with just being “good enough.”

But if you’re reading this, then I know you’re not satisfied with “good enough.” You’re an empire builder. You want the mindset hacks that will turn you into the entrepreneur—and man or woman—that you know you can become.

I want you to take notes on this blog, because today I give away some high-level thinking tips for free—and I even mention a few millionaires that put these tips into practice. Read, apply, and grow beyond what you think you’re capable of.


Be Unrealistic Like Jesse Itzler

This is a lesson I learned from billionaire (yes, billionaire) and friend Jesse Itzler. Be unrealistic with your expectations.

You know what’s realistic? Accepting the status quo. But that’s not how the pioneers and influencers of today move the ball forward…

Those guys are unreasonable to the point where everyone around them is forced to level up their game. They set lofty goals so their team can produce even greater results.

I had to be unreasonable with the editor of my upcoming book, Man Up, recently. They had just sent me a few advanced copies of the book, but as I was reading through it, I noticed a couple of typos that needed to be fixed.

So I told them, “Hey, just change these two typos I found and then send me 200 more copies of the book.” They said it would take 3 weeks—to her, a “realistic” timeline.

That’s when I encouraged her to be unrealistic, because unrealistic people make things happen. It’s worked for me, and it will work for you too.


Always Chase Your Potential Like Ed Mylett

What does the picture-perfect version of your life look like?

You have the obligation to put in the effort to become the entrepreneur, the husband, the wife, the son, the daughter, the friend that you want to be when you die.

Life is short, man. You need to make every breathing second on this planet count.

Ed Mylett gives this great analogy. When you die and meet your maker, do you want him to show you your potential, then show you how short you fell of it?

No. You want to be the best version of yourself possible. Start working towards that now.


Have Singularity of Focus Like Sharran Srivatsaa

The word “priorities” wasn’t a word until recently. Why? You technically can’t have multiple priorities; if you do, then you really prioritize nothing at all.

If you want to build an empire, you have to focus on one thing at a time and do it better than anybody else.

That’s what my friend Sharran Srivatsaa recognizes. He doesn’t waste his time juggling 5 big projects at once. He identifies his priority and executes to get it done. Then he moves on.

Know what’s important, develop the processes and systems to get it done, and don’t move on until you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.


Take Big Risks Like Amanda Bucci

Building an empire starts with taking the risks that net you experience and results. If you think you won’t get that until your thirties, then you’re greatly mistaken.

Look, you learn the most when you get out there and take risks. You have to get out there and fail, dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and try again before you can succeed. People who don’t embrace failure don’t learn much at all.

If I could go back in time, I’d take more risks in my twenties instead of waiting until I was in my thirties. In fact, that’s what Amanda Bucci did, and look at her now—social media icon and relentless entrepreneur.

She didn’t wait to make moves and therefore time collapsed. Lesson learned: you’re never too young to build an empire.


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