Leadership – The Most Misunderstood Skill In Business (Part One)

You set up your Instagram account, started a corporation and created a logo…

…welcome to the business world! Now that you’re an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of your corporation you’re a leader, right?
The most misunderstood skill in all of business is the skill of leadership and the role a leader plays in the ability for your business to scale, become profitable and stand the test of time.
Most entrepreneurs will only figure this out once the bottom falls out, a bunch of employees quit, they go broke and think about jumping in front of a truck.
Look, the faster you can understand the role of a leader the sooner you can scale your business, profitability AND have time freedom.
The traits that great leaders develop are many and in this post I’m going to share the most vital ones. Notice I said great leaders DEVELOP these traits and they’re not just born with it?
So you best expect to be a shitty leader just like the rest of us when we got started and pay your dues.
But the only difference between you and me is that you have me and others like me coaching you, mentoring you and sharing what we’ve  learned over the years through blogs like this, videos, social media and coaching programs so that what took us a decade to develop might take you a year or two.
No amount of marketing, lead generation, sales or systems can replace effective leadership.
I can literally list off a dozen founders who built big businesses, some profitable and some not and then all crashed and burned – losing their health, marriages and income.
To say it another way: No matter how many leads you get or sales you make you can NOT fix the problem of crappy leadership with more leads and sales.
So then what are the traits of an effective leader?
First, the leader must lead from the front…
In other words if you’re a lazy, undisciplined, emotional, passive and an unorganized person then your leadership will be ineffective.
I once heard John Maxwell say it this way: Leadership is the lid.
He’s right.
Your level of leadership will determine your level of success.
Your level of leadership will determine your company’s profitability.
Your level of leadership will determine the size and impact of your business.
Your level of leadership will determine the quality and capability of the team that you attract.
What I’m really saying is that six’s and seven’s can not lead eight’s and nine’s.
You YOU best level up as a leader and that means becoming more disciplined, structured and being the kind of person who finishes what you started.
Leadership at home or in business starts with you! If you’re not the showing up as your highest self then you can’t expect high standards from others – that makes you a hypocrite.
So if you’re ready to lead yourself and become more disciplined and more develop more follow through and grit then I want you to try my 26.2 challenge.
Part two of this post will drop in few days!

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