The One Record No Man Wants To Break

About a week ago we secured Class 018 of the MDK Project.

Now before every MDK Project, we have all the candidates do the “302”.

The 302 consists of 300 reps and two miles, all of which need to be completed in under 75 minutes.

And of course in MDK Project fashion, we had one candidate break a record. 

Not for the fastest time for completing the 302…

But for the fastest time to QUIT the 302.

20 minutes in one guy walked up and said:

“I’m holding everybody back. I quit. I want to ring the bell.”

Now many of his friends tried to talk him out of it. 

But the truth is, before he even began his mind was already made up… 

He saw the mountain he had to climb.

The physical torture he was about to endure.

The bears he had to tame along the way.

The mental layers of trauma he was about to uncover.

And the dragon at the top of the mountain he had to conquer.

Defeating his old self so he could become the 2.0 version of himself.

Making the decision right there that his mountain was unconquerable.

You see, he was in solid shape but he was mentally fragmented.

And I share this with you because The Project mimics what happens in life sometimes. 

Sometimes you’re going to:

  • Be under a lot of pressure in business, family, and life
  • Have unexpected things happen in your life
  • Have things not work out in your favor

And just like the MDK Instructors do with the candidates – life will scream at you to quit.

It’s during those times that you might make those permanent decisions during those temporary feelings that you’ll later regret.

Because if you want to be able to flip your switch and live the life you’ve always wanted…

You must be willing to:

  • Endure the physical demands of life
  • Overcome the mental layers of trauma
  • Defeat your old self so that you can become the 2.0 version of yourself

And I can guarantee you that the man who rang the bell is replaying and regretting that decision in his head.

Now let that be a lesson for you today. 

Temporary feelings never last so never make decisions based on them.

And if you don’t do the tough work mentally and physically now.

You’ll always see life as an unconquerable mountain to climb.

Rather than seeing life as an adventure to have and conquer. 

Always rooting for you,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. As you probably know by now The Project has a fairly low graduation rate. And it’s not like these men aren’t able to do the physical work it’s just they haven’t done the mental work needed to graduate the 75 hours. 

Unlike the men who graduate at a 95% success rate with the Agoge. 

P.P.S. Not only do we prepare them for the mental work, but we get them physically ready. 

If you want to see how The Agoge program we created that is boosting candidates’ graduation rates to 95% click here.

P.P.P.S. Every day men just like you are signing up and getting in the best mental and physical shape so that they can leave a better legacy and become the role model that they know they can be. 

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