The Rules Of The Game

At the bottom of all my emails, I have what I call “The Rules Of The Game”.

For me, these are the non-negotiable rules that I will always lean into in order to reach my fullest potential in everything I do.

In this post, I want to share these rules with you in greater detail so that you understand why these rules are there and how they help me… AND HOW THEY CAN HELP YOU, TOO.

I suggest that you create your own rules as well, or adopt mine.

Rule 1: Choose purpose over pleasure.

This is a sign of a disciplined person. The poorly disciplined will choose pleasure and ease over purpose and duty. I can’t tell you how many people I know who say they want a successful business and financial freedom but waste time screen sucking on social media or Netflix.

Choose hard over easy and you’ll have an easy and awesome life. But it takes personal discipline to do the hard things when the easy things are so easily accessible.

Rule 2: Action alleviates anxiety.

This ties in with number one above. Most people who experience anxiety do so because they avoid doing the work or having a tough conversation, or what have you. Anxiety is the anticipation of future pain. And the only thing that cures anxiety is action.

Rule 3: How you do anything is how you do everything.

You know this to be true. If you can’t keep your car clean then your home is probably a mess, too. And if your car and home are a mass then so is your workspace, mindset, fitness, and bank account. How you do anything is how you do everything.

Rule 4: Never negotiate with your inner bitch.

How many of your goals, dreams, and ambitions have you negotiated away? Inside all of us is an inner bitch and a beast. Who you do give the power to when it’s time to make decisions or act? Choose beast over inner bitch.

Rule 5: Winners are not allergic to hard work.

Do you know why winners always win? Because they’re not allergic to hard work. Winners do the work. Winners put in the time. Winners don’t stop when things get hard. Winners find a way because they’ll do what’s required.

Talk soon,


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