This is shaking up the fitness industry…AGAIN

Before Fit Body Boot Camp became an International Franchise, there wasn’t anything like it on the market.

Because our new model “shook up” the entire industry forever.

This is why you’re seeing more and more franchises modeling us. 

(They’re actually copying and pasting our stuff.)

I can’t blame them since we provide all our clients with personal training at a fraction of the cost.

While giving them results in a fraction of the time.

This revolutionary business model puts more money into the franchisees’ pockets!

Now because Fit Body Boot Camp has a time-tested tradition of constantly innovating the fitness industry.

We’re pushing the envelope again in 2023!

This year, we’ve doubled the number of NEW locations from last year.

And it gets even better.

We’ve introduced something that’s going to revolutionize the franchise game…again. 

We call it our “100 Lives Changed”

We’re ensuring all new franchisees start with 100 members on grand opening day!

Or we’ll keep running your marketing at no additional cost until you do. 

We’re consistently making it easier than ever for our franchisees to scale their businesses, and help their clients achieve long-lasting results. 

Giving all new franchisees an unfair advantage by providing the tools they need to hit the ground running on day one.

If you’re ready for a change…

Ready to escape the rat race…

And finally ready to take a leap of faith…

Then it’s time to open a Fit Body Boot Camp location.

We’re currently awarding a ton of territory locations, so now is a great time to take action and see if there’s a spot available in your area.

Look, if an immigrant like me could come to this country with nothing and accomplish so much, then I know damn well you can as well.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t easy to get to this point. 

But I firmly believe that to live an above-average life, you need to be willing to take above-average actions and risks.

We’re awarding franchise territories daily so don’t wait any longer.

Click here to check if a territory is available in your area:

Never peak,

Bedros Keuilian

PS Changing 100 lives starts with changing ONE first.

We focus on changing the franchisee’s life first by giving them the tools they need to hit the ground running on DAY ONE!

So it’s easier for them to change 100 lives, and then have the number compound even more like our FBBC Franchises have done over the years.

Check for availability in your area today:

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