This Is The Moment Masculinity Fell

America was built on the shoulders of great men.

Men who laid down their lives for our freedoms.

Men who physically constructed this amazing country we know today.

Unafraid to stand in the gap between those looking to oppress us.

Their strength, determination, and grit laid the foundation for this amazing country.

But where are those men today?

Over the past couple of decades, our world has changed drastically and it seems as if those men, those ideals, have been left behind.

Men today are being neutered by a society that deems masculinity to be “toxic”.

Being tamed and taught not to speak up or fight for what they believe in.

Turning to vices and becoming physically and mentally unfit.

And while the opposition has been orchestrating this for a few years now.

The truth is…

We Allowed It To Happen

We began to give in to convenience, comfort, and complacency.

Because the moment we…

– Stopped re-racking our weights at the gym.

– Started leaving shopping carts carelessly in the parking lots.

– The moment we f#*king allowed our cars to become a garbage can…

That’s the moment we as men began to erode the very foundation that those great men before us created.

Look, I say because I want men to wake up. 

I want YOU to wake up.

We need to intentionally seek out discomfort and hardship to stay prepared for battle. 

The battle isn’t just physical…it’s mental, emotional, and financial. 

It’s the battle for life.

Because when the hard times inevitably come and make no mistake they will eventually come. 

Will you have the financial, mental, emotional, and physical strength to lead yourself and your family through hard times?

This is why I encourage you to do hard things. 

Why I’ve created programs like the MDK Project and Battle Ready

Because when you physically do hard things, you not only become physically stronger but mentally tougher.

And giving you the foundation to become financially stout.

Ready to handle anything life throws at you.

Look, I say all this to you because I care about you. 

I want to see you become the strong, capable man you’re meant to be. 

Because I believe in you and know the potential you have.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

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