This ONE Thing Will Make You Tons Of Dough

I share this one idea with my private coaching clients that have made them a lot of dough over the years.

If you understand and absorb it into your brain, you’ll never look at the prices on restaurant menus again.

This one idea is selling people what they WANT (and not what they really need).

For example:

When COVID hit, people searched high and low for ways to boost their immune systems. They were willing to do anything, like purchase pallets of toilet paper (I still don’t know why this happened).

Anyways – there are several ways to boost your immune system. You can get 8-hours of sleep a night, exercise, eat your veggies, etc.

A lot of people are willing and fine with this. And many would agree with me. This is what a lot of people NEED.

However, the masses WANT a simple and easy fix that won’t force them to change their lifestyle. They still WANT to go to sleep when they want, eat cookies, etc., and still get healthier.

Knowing this, my team and I developed the Wellness Shot. It boosts your immune system, and it takes barely 27 seconds to mix and drink.

I won’t give you the exact figures of how much this one product has made us, but let’s say it’s brought in plenty of dough.

Why did this happen? Because we gave people what they WANTED.

They don’t need to work out and get sweaty to boost their immune system. All they need to do is take a Wellness Shot.

And it’s why the Wellness Shot is one of our most popular products that sell like crazy.

We sell what people WANT.

You can install this big lesson in your business that can make you millions if you truly grasp it.

Most people don’t buy things they need. They buy things they WANT.

It’s why we buy greens powder supplements instead of eating a plate full of veggies and fruits.

Or why we’re willing to spend an obscene amount of booze and drugs to deal with their problems than talk to a therapist.

People buy what they WANT.

You can try all you want to sell people what they need (good luck).

But smart entrepreneurs realize how much easier it is to sell people what they WANT.

My private coaching clients have paid me $100,000 to show them this, and you got it for free.

So plug this into your business, and I can’t want to hear how much you’ve made.

That’s all for today.

To your future success,



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