Turn Instagram into a Cash Machine

Is social media a waste of time?

Well, it is if you spend life scrolling through your timeline, comparing yourself to everyone else out there instead of working on yourself and your business.

OR you could spend your time on social media posting engaging content, interacting with your followers, funneling those followers into your programs, and making 4 and 5-figure sales.

Most 7-figure badasses use video to get their message across, because that’s the easiest way to communicate their passion and personality over social media. And with the limited attention span that people have today, you need to rope them in with something compelling.

Today’s lesson is about making money and growing your empire through social media videos. Let me show you how to do it.


YouTube Videos

Is YouTube dead?

For whatever reason, some entrepreneurs believe that, and it’s absolutely not the truth, YouTube is still a massive platform to market on. If your product’s not found on YouTube, then it’s not found period.

YouTube is your product’s television channel, and it sure beats those late-night infomercials you only see at 3 in the morning. You can make videos about your product vision, why specific audiences need your product, or even testimonials from some of your satisfied clients.

See what you’re doing? You’re adding the context—the “why”—that some of your prospects need to hear before they commit their money to you. You’re also positioning yourself as an authority in your field, which will get people to know, like, and trust you even more.


Instagram TV

If there’s one thing I know about Instagram and Facebook, it’s that they love to promote their newest features.

Instagram’s newest feature is called Instagram TV. With it, you can make 10-minute long videos for your audience (or longer, if you’re verified)—yet another platform you can deliver quality content on.

Here’s something to remember: Instagram wants these videos to be episodic and focused on a common theme. Choose one theme and push out valuable content related to that theme only.

How do I use it? I give my followers a look into how I’m growing Fit Body Boot Camp and what they can take away and use in their own businesses. No motivation “rah-rah” videos or “day in the life” videos—strictly lessons from my experience growing Fit Body Boot Camp.


Instagram Feed Videos and Stories

Timeline videos and Instagram stories are the two most popular ways to post videos on Instagram. Your stories are limited to 15 seconds, while your feed videos can be as long as 60 seconds.

There’s a simple formula you can use to post valuable, engaging content, 100% of the time: star, story, solution. Use this formula if you can’t think of anything to post, or if you want to double check the quality of your latest video before you send it out.

Star – Who is the star of your video? You? A client? Your followers?

Story – What’s the star’s story? Get personal with this one.

Solution – What action steps do your followers need to take right now?

When your posts answer those 3 questions, they make people want to comment and act. And if you funnel them to your inbox, you can close them on your higher-priced programs.


Instagram Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is your best opportunity to connect with your prospects one-on-one. My friend Craig Ballantyne is a master at closing prospects through direct messaging. What does he say you need to do?

When someone responds to a story or messages you out of the blue, you’re going to make them a video response. This video should be short and to the point: “Hey Bedros! So great to meet you! Tell me a little more about the opportunities and obstacles in your business.”

First, figure out where their business is at now and where they want their business to go. Then, position your workshop/product/service as the solution to get them there.

That’s when you close them. You tell them about all the other people—people just like them—that you’ve helped with your workshop/product/service. You don’t even need to mention price; just show them social proof. Make sure you don’t pose your offer as a yes-or-no question either; rather, give them the option to choose between two deals—it raises your conversion rate.


Social Media Ads

Advertising on Facebook, YouTube, and  Instagram is like selling something to the people at Starbucks.

You wouldn’t just approach some random person at Starbucks and ask them to buy something from you. Rather, you’d sit down with them and explain to them your vision and story, the “why” behind your product or service. Over time they buy into the idea and into the sale.

That’s how you should approach running ads on social media. Use case study videos to tell stories that get people to buy into what you’re selling. Answer their questions and concerns, and give them confidence that what you’re offering them does work.

At the end of each case study, we hit them with a soft pitch. Not a hardcore commitment like “Click here to become a Fit Body Boot Camp owner”. Instead, we’ll say something like “Interested in seeing if there’s an FBBC territory in your area?” That call-to-action requires a lower level of commitment and leads to more clicks and therefore more prospects moving through your funnel.


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