Use My Weird “Debragga” Client Acquisition Strategy

I have this strange “debragga” client acquisition strategy I’ve kept in my back pocket for years.

This one client acquisition strategy has helped me keep fistfuls of $50,000-$100,000 a year private coaching clients for 7+ years. Do the Lifetime Customer Value math on that!

Plus, this strategy helps me create amazing friendships with extraordinary people like Navy SEALs, Best-Selling Authors, Superstar Athletes, and much more.

I’ve only revealed the “debragga” client acquisition strategy in the most secretive of rooms. And now I’m going to reveal it to you.

Don’t let the simplicity of this strategy fool ya. 

Albert Einstein once said, “Simplicity is genius.”

All right, enough build-up, let me break this down.

The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is: Send steaks to prospective clients.

(Quick Note: Debragga is where I get my steaks from. They’re a butcher shop in New York that specializes in high quality stakes for some of the most popular steakhouse in the country – they happen to do mail order)

This strategy has turned the most stubborn prospects into loyal clients.

Why? Because who doesn’t love a juicy steak!

Don’t just send prospects steaks and think you’re both kosher. You need to pair this with a friendly follow-up of text messages or emails.  

There isn’t hard statistical data on this, but here’s my meta-theory about why it works so damn good.

When they take a bite out of the steak, or hear their spouse say, “let’s eat this for dinner”, or have their kids tell them how delicious it was, they’ll think of you.

No follow-up campaign I’ve ever seen can do that.

So when your prospect looks at your competitors and then you, it’ll become a no-brainer to do business with you. 

Plus, the steaks help make you more personal, likable and trusting. Which are the 3 things people need to buy.

So with each bite and steak they cook, a new layer of the like, know, and trust will be lathered on. Like peanut butter being spread on bread.

The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is a must-add to your business, especially if you have a recurring income with high ticket sales.

For example, a mastermind, a coaching program, or a franchise.

This is why I always help my clients install high-ticket offers inside their businesses. It gives them plenty of wiggle room to spend more to bring in customers without breaking the bank.

I can dive more into this another time, but I want to focus on the “debragga” strategy.

Now you don’t have to send prospects steaks. You can send them other things. Like wine, fruit baskets, or books.

Just choose whatever works best for you. (For me, it’s steak.)

This client acquisition strategy aims to have your prospect see that working with you is the best choice out there.

Each time I’ve executed this strategy, it has quickly opened doors people thought were welded shut.

I’d love for it to do the same for you in 2022.

Try the “debragga” client acquisition strategy to expand your business, and deepen current relationships.

Once you experience for yourself how powerful this simple strategy is you’ll only regret you didn’t do it sooner.

Happy New Year!



P.S. The “debragga” client acquisition strategy is only ONE tool I use daily to scale up my income and freedom. 

There are at least seven I can think of right now that can help you do the same thing. But we don’t have that kind of time on our hands.

But if you’re interested in plugging them into your business, I’d love to share them with you in person with my Domination Year.

Tap here to get the details.

It’s the last year I’m doing it.





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