What the f#@k is it?

By the time you get this email we will already be a couple hours into class 010 of the Modern Day Knight Project – simply known as The Project.

Everyone wants to know what the Project is.

Men are curious about it and want to know if they have what it takes…

…and women want men who have experienced and graduated from The Project.

The Project is definitely NOT what you think.

You see, the Project is massively misunderstood by everyone out there who think it’s just a 75 hour ass-kicking crucible where you get physically pushed, mentally smoked and challenged on every level.

In some ways it is… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Project, in reality, is an unmasking of the false else.

Let me explain…

Most men go through their entire lives suffering in silence, white knuckling through life and living in quiet desperation… all while pretending that everything is okay and under control.

These men put on the mask of bravado, of fake confidence, of wit and humor, of financial success or irreverence and manufacture a false self to show the rest of the world that they have it all figured out.

But deep down inside they’re unsure of their path in life.

They secretly wonder if they really have what it takes and wonder if their friends and family can see the imposter that’s being veiled by a thin mask of false confidence.

Here’s the thing about wearing the mask of the false self… you never become the authentic version of the man you’re meant to be.

And only the authentic you can find and fulfill your purpose in life.

Truth is, most men feel like an imposter and therefore never reach their fullest potential.

You always seek the approval and validation of other more secure and confident men.

But the mask is there as a security blanket and it helps these men avoid and ignore the root cause of all their addictions and self-sabotage.

The mask of the false self is there to hide the wounds that were caused by trauma that’s gone unaddressed and unprocessed for decades.

And that’s what the Project is all about…

…the unmasking.

See, the most important work we do at the Project is to find and remove the toxic cognitions that have declawed men, created limiting beliefs and turned men into passive aggressive push-overs.

Once a man can remove the mask of the false self he becomes limitless in his personal growth, impact on the world and ability to produce income.

The Project is a special opportunity for men who are sick and tired of living average and mediocre lives and are finally ready to step up and become healed, capable and confident men.

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Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class. 


Bedros Keuilian