What the Notorious BIG taught me about money

One of the most influential rappers of all time taught me this…

“Mo Money Mo Problems”

And over the last two decades of building multiple successful 7 & 8-figure businesses and brands, I’ve learned this…

When it comes to having ‘Mo Problems’…

I’d rather have first world problems than third world problems.

I come from a childhood of third world problems where we frequently ran out of money before we ran out of month.

Because of this I always wondered if we would have hot water or electricity when I got home from school. 

From experience I can tell you I’d rather have the first world problem of figuring out how to generate more cash flow for one of my businesses…

…instead of worrying about my family being on the streets next month.

Look – money won’t solve all your problems.

But I can tell you that it sure is easier to find solutions to your problems when you have money.

That’s why I give away the 26.2 Challenge for free for anyone looking to developing unwavering discipline and unshakable confidence. 

So that they can lay the foundation to earn more money and step out of a third world mindset to focus on first world solutions.

Look, with the crazy levels of inflation we’re all battling and this nasty recession that we’re going into, it’s best for you to know how to make more money, increase profits and generate more income streams.

Whether it’s finding a mentor, hiring a business coach, or getting involved in a mastermind. 

It is more important now more than ever to create a game plan for your life and business and develop an unbreakable mindset. 

So that when ‘Mo Problems’ come up…

Whether it be through a recession, depression, stock market crashes, or lockdowns…

You have the discipline, skills, and knowledge to come out financially on top.

Talk soon,