What To Do When The Clock Is Ticking

A year ago, everyone and their momma wanted my job.

I was the CEO of the international fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, with over 700 locations.

Then overnight, because of a “v!rus,” everyone was repulsed by my job.

They didn’t want to touch it even with a 20-foot pole.

I don’t blame them. I didn’t even want to touch it either.

Overnight Fit Body Boot Camp, along with the entire fitness industry, came to a screeching halt.

We had to stop what we were doing and close down our doors.

But you know what didn’t stop?

My bills.

Those needed to get paid one way or another.

I wasn’t the only one who got roped into this sh!tty deal.

All my Fit Body Boot Camp Franchisees were a part of it too.

So did other franchise gyms like Orangetheory Fitness and F45 Training.

The clock was ticking.

Bills needed to get paid. Families needed to pay rent and put food on the table.

And the only way we were able to make money was taken away from us.

To put it lightly, this situation was f@cked.

This put a lot of pressure on me because my franchisees bought into my dream and were relying on me to fix it.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt this pressure.

The chain of command at Orangetheory Fitness and F45 Training did too.

Yet, there’s one thing that separated me from those other leaders.

I didn’t let the pressure immobilize me with fear.

I still felt it, but instead of imploding on myself and letting others down, I took action. 

I figured out new ways for my franchise owners to pay their bills and even thrive during the lockdowns.

Some stuff failed… and… others were grand slams.

Unfortunately, I can’t say other gyms and franchises were so lucky. 

Do you know what these other franchises did?


They curled up into a ball and rocked back and forth, hoping this “nightmare” would go away.

It was heartbreaking. Hearing franchise owners tell me, they can’t sell anything because XYZ has told them not to.

The result of this in-action and cowardliness caused many families to close down their doors forever, and collect unemployment checks.

There’s a reason why I’m sharing this with you right now.

I want you to understand that if sh!t hits the fan, and you feel like everything is falling apart as I did. Know that you’re not the only one who’s affected by it.

People are looking to you for guidance when things go south.

It is your job as a leader to guide and protect them.

Don’t go into the fetal position and “wait” until it passes, while you leave others out to dry.

Talk soon,



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