What To Do When You Lose Motivation

At any moment, I was going to throw up!

My lungs were on fire.

Picking up my legs felt as if they were cement blocks.

“Do I quit? Do I fake a hamstring injury? People would sympathize. Or do I finish this damn marathon?”

I’m not a runner. I’m 6 foot and 220lbs of awesome muscle.

What the F#&c am I doing running a marathon?

I hit the wall. HARD!

The 18-mile wall that every runner faces when running a marathon. And it was blocking my path to the finish line.

After 6-weeks of training, I entered my first marathon to challenge myself. And boy did I.

I was facing my biggest challenge yet.

The moment of, “Do I quit, or do I finish?” was about to be the defining moment that would dictate my life. Would I become a failure or a success?

I share this with you because entrepreneurs face “the wall” all the time in business.

The wall can be a lawsuit, economic recession, or a new competitor.

Right now, our wall is the coronavirus and the stupidity that is the government.

And it’s blocking our path to the mountain top—the mountain top of success. Many business owners don’t ever reach the top because of one reason: 

They’re not comfortable with the pain. They pump the brakes and stop short.

You see, pain and adversity cause you to grow – if you fight through it and don’t quit.

It helps you get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Lean into the adversity.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me on this…

Attack it!

And that’s when the breakthrough will come.

This is how I defeated the 18-mile wall in my marathon race.

I leaned into it… and then finished the marathon.

Right now, we’re facing the wall together.

COVID-19, the lockdowns, and the government mandates are the wall we must overcome.

It’s caused a lot of pain, and we need to lean into it, attack it, and push through.

If not for any other reason than to show your kids (if you have any) that you are not a quitter.

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Talk soon,