Why All Men Should Be Lean, Jacked and Battle Ready

I know it’s Independence Day and all and I know we’re supposed to be relaxing and all, but I just can’t

…not without getting something off my chest and I think you’ll agree with me.

First off, Independence Day is more than just hotdogs, hamburgers, beer and relaxing by the water.

It’s the reason why you can do all that and more… it’s because as a nation we gained our freedom from oppressive tyrants.

(Btw, I know you agree with me when I say that we are once again at battle with tyrants who are trying to create more oppression.)

As men, it’s our duty to make sure that we stand in the gap between our families, their freedoms and those who try to take them away.

We do this by being educated on who to vote into office.

We do this by making sure that we have financial freedom so that we are never looking at big government for financial assistance.

And we do this by staying battle ready!

I don’t just mean ready to take up arms.

I mean by being physically and mentally battle ready.

Because the greatest threat to our families and our children is not big government…

…It is when you and I become poor role models of health, fitness, and mental strength.

Look, as men we have many responsibilities. And sometimes those responsibilities lead to us putting our health and fitness on the back burner.

I can tell you that are used to be guilty of that. Not only did I find myself anxious and depressed, but I also made less money when I was fat, always tired and out of shape.

It’s for this reason why I and the Modern Day Knight Project instructors created Battle Ready 90-day shred.

Battle Ready 90-Day Shred is a personalized training in nutrition coaching program for men who want to get mean, jacked and BATTLE READY in life!

I’m not writing you this email to sell you on the program.

My goal is to help you wake up and realize that as men we could either make excuses and justify them or we can make time and do the work required.

If you’re ready to get coaching, accountability, and support so that you can get lean and jacked… and to be a better role model for your family then go to this page and check out the amazing results men like you have gotten in just 90 days.

Talk soon!


Ps. Click here to learn more about Battle Ready 90-Day Shred

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