Why I Hate These Types Of Men

The other day I posted on Instagram about men, and the type of men society needs.


Most of the comments in the post supported my message. Then, I got an interesting comment. 


Here it is:


I really like what you do, though I don’t understand why you oppose certain men to others. Sure we need to have great values, of integrity, respect, and resilience. But why should all men be masculine? Why should all men be ready to fight? ….if only we can have the right values and know-how to listen to each other. And let nature express the best in men.


My response to this comment:


I only oppose weak men. I’m pro artistic men, care-taking men, creative men, medicine men, gay men, and other men. But every single one of these men must first be prepared to stand in the gap when sh!t goes down. Every man has a responsibility to be prepared to protect.


I share this with you because I don’t want you to get it twisted.


I’m not calling out all non-macho-looking men.


I’m going after the weak men.




Imagine a world where there weren’t any.


A world where men stood up to shake your hand.


A world where men made eye contact.


A world where men kept their word.


A world where men were feared by politicians.


Our communities would feel safe and protected knowing that capable men stand at the ready to keep their promise to f*ck up anyone who endangered their way of life.


If we had men like this there wouldn’t be a health care shortage.


There wouldn’t be vaccine mandates dividing our friends and neighbors against each other.


There wouldn’t be a catastrophic border crisis.


Skyrocketing inflation rates.


Or even “Karens”.


It’s become the norm for men to talk a “Big Game” but don’t back it up.


So much so, they’re in “leadership” positions in the government. Look at Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden.


Men, it’s time to step it up.


Get in the fight.


Stay in the fight.


And make men great again!


We need more Modern Day Knights in this world.

If you agree then come join us – CLICK HERE.


Talk soon,